What We Do.

Everything from design to service and maintenance, we have you covered. Our in depth understanding of building HVAC systems, envelopes and energy use and management makes sure that you the end user are comfortable and confident.

The Evolution of Mechanical

If you want a change, then be that change

We are not just a mechanical company, we are an energy company and we are passionate about making some changes. We believe that by focusing our efforts on lowering our client’s energy profile we can achieve two freedom objectives; reduce operating costs and to create a cleaner future.

Our Vision is to accelerate Alberta to sustainable energy, our passion is for freedom and we’re building our company to achieve these goals. We have in house N.A.I.T.’s top graduate from the Alternative Energy Program, Edmonton’s only cSBA (Certified Sustainable Building Advisor) and several journeypersons from different disciplines. We believe in a future that works for everyone and so we’re building it.

Renewable Energy is a large and varied industry, from solar, geothermal and wind to battery systems, capacitor technology and energy recovery, it’s an industry that is constantly growing and improving. Not every technology is best suited for every building but they are all mechanical work, our drive is to find the optimal solution for your buildings needs and budget. We combine our experience from the HVAC industry, passion for renewable energy and our in-house talent to create the most informed solutions for your buildings.

Our Maintenance Programs are designed around improving the operation of your building, not just maintaining it. Yes, we do all the important operational tasks required to keep your building functioning and comfortable, but also as part of our maintenance program we integrate energy auditing to look into building envelope performance, energy efficiency and recovery and possible renewable energy integration. It is in our focus on the life cycle of the building and its energy profile that make the real and tangible differences that we are so passionate about.

HVAC Maintenance

H.E.M.P. - The Next Generation of Commercial Building Maintenance.

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Energy Auditing

From Lighting Analysis to Building Envelope Analysis

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Property Managers

We work with you to ensure you look good!

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LED Lighting

Have you seen the light? Reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills.

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