Vision Statement:

Our world running on sustainable energy


Mission Statement:

To challenge and change our current energy production, work life and to redefine success.



We love renewable technologies and we love innovating ways to solve our client’s needs. Everyone at Think Mechanical comes to work every day to do what they love and we get to inspire others to do the same, in fact, half the fun is figuring all the ways we can do just that. We get to work with amazing likeminded companies that are working towards the same goals, changing the world, making it better. We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of this change. Think Mechanical isn’t a company, it’s a revolution, the Clean Energy Revolution.

The renewable energy market is upon us. With the global pressure on jurisdictions to adapt environmental strategies we are poised and prepared to handle the rapid growth of the market. Not only with the advent of the new market there is a social push to change the way business is done. We believe we are one of those companies. We rally around our core "why" statement "Because we believe in FREEDOM" like it's a warm campfire on a cold night. We also adhere to 4 core values; Selflessness, Excellence, Tribe and Social Justice. We are not primarily driven by the bottom dollar, rather we are guided by our values, seeking meaningful purpose through work and focused on freedom. 

Think Mechanical Values

Selflessness: There is no room for ego here. There is no job description that is not our job description and we always go above and beyond. We lift each other up and we do that by putting each other first, growing our lives as a tribe not as every man for himself. Pride always comes before a fall but a humble tribe can change the world.

Excellence: Reputation before profit. In everything thing we do, we seek to do it with Excellence. From how we perform our jobs to how we treat each other and our clients, excellence will be our reputation.

Tribe: Every decision we make, every action we take is to improve the lives of people. For everyone we are involved with, whether within or outside our tribe, our aim is to enrich and grow the lives of those around us. We are a tribe, and we are a tribe on a mission.

Social Justice: We are passionate about making a difference and using our skills and assets to improve the worlds of those who are less fortunate. Compassion for the hurting and needy is within us and drives us to do our job efficiently so that from our successes we can help the oppressed.