HVAC Maintenance.

H.E.M.P. HVAC Energy Management Programs - Building Maintenance designed to improve your buildings energy profile.

Having a qualified technician expect your HVAC system a few times per year can save you a major headache and huge bill in the future. We’re making it easier than ever for you by offering not one, but two different HVAC maintenance programs.

HVAC Maintenance Programs

We are proud to offer two levels of HVAC maintenance; our HVAC Energy Management Program (H.E.M.P) and our Inclusive HVAC Energy Management Program (i-H.E.M.P.).

Both programs include the same great service, maintenance and Energy Auditing. Under i-H.E.M.P we cover the cost of parts, service, and even after-hour emergency calls.

Energy Audits are completed onsite by our technicians as well as our energy auditor. Our drive is to not only keep your system running efficiently, but also to reduce your carbon footprint. We’ll look into your power consumption and strategize ways to reduce it; we’ll a analyze your building envelope and ensure that it’s performing properly; we’ll survey your site and building to see which renewable energies would work best for you; and we’ll see if we can help reduce your costs by upgrading equipment or reclaiming wasted energy. After all of this, we’ll meet with you to make educated decisions on how you can save money moving forward.

By inspecting your system a few times per year we can identify issues while they are still small, easy and affordable to fix rather than waiting until they damage your system or become expensive. Your equipment is tracked in our system for analysis and diagnosis of persistent issues. Our online, mobile system ensures fast and efficient service and repairs. We are experienced and trained with renewable technologies including solargeothermalair source heat pumps and SunPump. We are also experienced in conventional HVAC/R systems, including Roof Top UnitsHot Water HeatersBoilersFurnacesAir ConditionersSplit SystemsHeat Recovery VentilatorsMake-Up AirPumps, and many more systems. In conjunction with our maintenance programs, we can implement our HVAC Energy Management Program to give you the most of what we have to offer. This yields the lowest overall operating costs while giving you the highest probability of year-round comfort

How do we compete if we offer more?

We’ve developed an app that allows everyone to connect across the whole company. Our entire team is able to access and edit all of the information they need regarding your building, your equipment and your history. Communication and flow is seamless across the company; equipment and service history, scheduling, technical information, time sheets, accounting, even conversations, you name it, it’s all at our fingertips. This has cut our overhead significantly. We don’t need an office full of people pushing paper or trying to manage equipment they never see or touch. Talk about efficiency!

The Difference

These are much more than programs; they are a team of people with a vision: to reduce your energy use and your environmental impact, saving you money.

This our defining difference, the feature that sets us apart from all the other guys, is that this vision drives our work. It’s not about just completing a checklist; it’s making your building run more efficiently. It’s not just another building we’re taking care of; it’s the world around us and the future before us.

We’re the next generation of mechanical company. We’re taking it to the next level.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help your business save money and reduce your carbon footprint.