What We Do.

We are a "what is the right thing to do?" as much as we are an environmentally focused company. Our passion isn't a product, it's providing a solution, that's why we have several products; each one to fit your home, property and budget.

how to heat or cool, that is the question.

We are here to work with you. Navigating the numerous options and changing technologies is enough to make your head spin and that's no fun. We love what we do and we know what will work for your home; whether it's solar, geothermal, air source heat pumps, high efficient furnaces and conditioners, boilers or the SunPump. Or whether you should go with forced air, in floor heating or distributed units. And whether you should go with gypcrete, concrete, dry floor or under floor. Then there's Heat Recovery Units (HRV's), should you go with stand alone ducting or hybrid?

We've been working with all these technologies and have extensive experience with them, on top of our numerous credentials. We even have in-house Certified Sustainable Building Advisors, we can help you with the design of your home, right down to the glue, or; no glue!


Gas prices are always going up and those nasty "delivery" fees, what, are they using hand carts to bring that stuff over?

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Air Conditioning

Sometimes freedom comes in the form of being able to sleep through the night. We all want a good sleep, it's our reward for working hard all day whether it's raising kids or providing for our families. Here's to all the hard working people out there, let us help you sleep through the night.

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Whether you are building new or fixing something old, we've got you covered!

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Domestic Hot Water Heating

Who doesn't love a long shower? Like one of those "OMG" showers that makes you forget about all the stresses that await you outside the curtain. Stay a little longer, you deserve to.

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Hot Water Heating

Oh that feeling. That feeling of warmth rising through your body while looking out at freshly fallen snow. Ahhhhhhh. Nothing beats a warm floor on a cold day.

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In the winter, you take energy from the earth and heat your home; in the summer, you put it back - it's that simple.

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Solar Thermal Heating

Heating straight from the sun!

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Sun Pump

The next step in renewable energy! The SunPump combines heat pump technology with both air source and solar thermal technology.

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