LED Lighting.

Have you seen the light? Reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills.

Looking for ways to avoid taking a huge hit with the new Carbon Tax? Installing LED lighting is a simple way to reduced your carbon footprint. As of 2016, LED bulbs use roughly 10% of the total energy that a traditional, incandescent bulb uses. Talk to us today and we’d be happy to replace your building’s incandescent or fluorescent lighting with high-efficiency, LED bulbs. 

The Advantages

Like all energy-efficient technologies, you can expect to see a long-term savings when you install LED lighting. A typical halogen incandescent bulb will last around 1,000 hours. A comparable LED bulb will last upwards of 10,000 hours. That's 10 times fewer light bulbs you'll be changing! 

That's all fine and dandy, but most commercial buildings use fluorescent lighting. How does LED lighting compare to that? Well, LED lights will last at least as long as a fluorescent light would. Often times, they last even longer! Probably the greatest advantage that LED lighting has is that it is significantly better for the environment. Fluorescent bulbs contain phosphor and mercury vapour, which are toxic. These bulbs must be disposed of in a very specific way and cannot simply be placed out with regular household or office waste.