Energy Auditing.

Energy Auditing will help lower your operating costs and make your business more competitive

Energy Auditing

We are passionate about energy. Which is good for you! Why? Because the less energy you use the more money you save.

Your business is in business to do whatever it is you've built it to do. You also want that competitive edge and you care about the environment and future generations. Doing Energy Auditing and implementing the plans will give you that edge and the confidence that you're doing good too. We want help you to achieve your vision, whatever that is by making your operations energy efficient and we want you to help us achieve our vision of making our world run sustain-ably. Commercial buildings offer the most options for saving energy, have the highest return on investment, and are the best type of building to incorporate renewable energy, sustainable technology and energy efficiency upgrades. Let's work together for a better tomorrow.  

Viable Renewable Technology Analysis

You want your building to make you money. Period. We are a "what is the right thing to do?" as much as we are an environmentally focused company. Our passion isn't a product, it's why we do what we do, that's why we have several products; each one to fit your building, property and budget. Our Viable Renewable Technology Analysis on your building will provide you with a breakdown of the Renewable Technologies that will best meet the needs and applications for your building. This is where you can really shave costs and create more income with renewable energies.    

Building Envelope Analysis  

The critical first step in any successful plan to reduce costs and improve business efficiency is an accurate assessment of the building’s current energy performance. Our Building Envelope Analysis saves you money by: 

  •        Improving energy efficiency and cutting costs
  •        Identifing thermal bridging and solutions for
  •        Plan cost-effective energy-saving retrofits
  •        Prevent mold and structural damage
  •        Pinpoint missing, damaged or wet insulation
  •        Correct drafts, cold spots, and comfort issues
  •        Verify construction materials & workmanship
  •        Improve the marketability of your properties

Natural Gas Consumption Analysis

If you're wondering just how much natural gas your building uses, we'll help you figure it out. Our Natural Gas Consumption Analysis will show you where you are able to cut back or upgrade to more energy efficient products. Ask us about the SunPump for hot water heating

Electrical Consumption Analysis

Your building uses power and it costs you money. You want to save money. We can help you with that. Our Electrical Consumption Analysis will save you money by adapting building operations to actual use patterns and provide expert solutions for energy reduction, energy management, and how to increase efficiency. We’ll look at everything from lighting to peak power shaving, go ahead ask us what’s that about.